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Gutter Cleaning Should Be Practiced Every Year!

Keeping rainwater flowing from your roof to your perimeter drain system is critical to avoiding damage caused by rainwater intrusion.  If gutters and downspouts are clogged the water will find a way to flow somewhere, Platypus will provide the services required to keep the water going where it causes no damage.

Roof debris should be carefully removed each fall season and the gutter system should be professionally cleaned by fully insured workers.  Keeping the roof free of debris allows the water to flow efficiently into the gutter sytem.  A clean gutter system provides an efficient route for rainwater to be directed from your house to the perimeter drain system.

A clean gutter system will ensure the perimeter drain system is kept reasonably free of debris build-up.  Protecting this perimeter drain system, keeping it operating efficiently is a key element to avoiding costly water management fixes in the future.