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Why Platypus?

 I knew for a couple of years I was going to take the plunge, quit the hectic challenges associated with being a travelling salesperson, and start up a property maintenance company.  Before deciding on a name I had to decide what the company was going to focus on as a core deliverable.  That is when the difficulty of identifying what exactly is "property maintenance" became similar to the age old question, what exactly is a Platypus?  It just seemed to resonate with me, property maintenance is many different entities as a Platypus seems to be made up of many different species.  That was it, Platypus was the name and I never considered any other option.

Another compelling, personal reason for this name is our families affinity with Australia.  I have a younger brother living in Sydney, Australia and we visit frequently.   When I mention the name of my company or see the logo or hear someone speak of Platypus Property Maintenance it reminds me of my family and makes me wonder what my brother is doing at that moment. 

The Rainy Season Has Returned

The weather forecast have recently included much more unsettled, wet weather.  It is now time to seriously plan for preparing your home for the coming months of 'Wet Coast' weather patterns.  Call and schedule gutter/eavestrough servicing today.

A few maintenance items to consider are gutter and downspout cleaning, re-caulking windows and doors plus there is still time to address the challenging problem of moss flourishing on your roof.   If debris has been slowly accumulating in your perimeter drain system consideration may be given to having this part of your rain water management system 'tuned up'.  It is easier and less expensive to adddress this in mild weather conditions than a small emergency call out during a downpour.

These tasks are examples of small projects and service solutions that Platypus Property Maintenance can effectively help you with.  If you feel your home, your most valuable asset, could use a little attention in any of these areas give us a call.  We offer great service at very competitive rates. 


Welcome to Platypus Property Maintenance - serving greater Victoria area

Platypus Property Maintenance wants to become recognized as a company that cares.  We care about our customers, we care about our customers most treasured asset and we care about delivering above and beyond the expectations of the trusting people that hire us.

Platypus will be a company that all of our clients can confidently recommend to their friends and associates.