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Commercial Cleaning

Platypus has been rewarded for delivering exceptional results and service to one of our large, high profile commercial clients.  At the request of this customer we have expanded into the commercial cleaning and janitorial realm.  As Platypus has always embraced the ideology of cleanliness with our "Curb Appeal" packages and power washing services this was not a very big leap for us.

Where we feel we got lucky was in finding the experienced resources required to do the job well and continue to present Platypus as a company that is commited to our customers.  The goal for the immediate future will be to receive invitations to tender additional proposals to commercial clients that would like to bring their cleaning standards up a knotch.   We are certain our drive to exceed customer expectations will provide opportunities to grow this important division.

Please do not hesitate to call or email us to receive a free, no obligation proposal.