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Regular Roof Cleaning and Moss Control Strategy

Platypus is pleased to be able to offer a suite of comprehensive roof maintenance programs.  A program can be tailored to individual homeowners with consideration given to the particular challenges associated within their lot lines.

Consideration must be given to the orientation of the structure, or structures, themselves.  The North facing roof sections will be the most demanding to maintain due to a reduction in the amount of sunlight absorbed by the roof.  To a lesser degree, consideration should also be given to the prevailing wind conditions.  The wind patterns will create pockets for debris build-up on many roofs.  These areas should be tended to on a more regular basis.

Mature landscaping, trees or larger structures casting shade must also be taken into account when maintaining roofs.  If possible, large overhanging branches should be removed.  Allowing sunlight and air circulation is a key combatant against the spread of roof moss.  Do everything possible to allow your roof the opportunity to dry out.  Moisture is the enemy.

This overhanging tree is a perfect example of how tree branches assist in the establishment of roof moss problems.

 Platypus can treat moss, eliminate overhanging vegetation and remove roof debris on a regularily scheduled basis.  Employing a comprehensive roof maintenance pregram will ensure the longevity of your roof and keep it looking good for not only the homeowners satisfaction but showcasing an individuals pride in ownership and respect for the neighbors as well.

Roof moss spores are blown from one rooftop to the next.  Be a good neighbor.