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Keep Debris From Entering A Gutter System

What Is Gutter Protection?

Gutter protection is a means to prevent the accumulation of debris within the gutter system.  Any debris allowed to accumulate prevents the proper functioning of a rainwater mangement sytem, eavestroughs or gutters.

Living on South Vancouver Island is an incredible experience.  This is arguably the most beautiful area to live on planet Earth.  Much of the beauty comes from our moderate climate which provides the ultimate growing cycles for almost everything.  The healthy, rapid growth of plantlife in our region also causes issues requiring ongoing attention and maintenance as mentioned above.

In an effort to bring effective maintenance options to our customers, Platypus has searched, reviewed, interviewed and tested numerous products that claim to be good at reducing the amount of debris that makes its way into our gutter systems.  Please keep in mind I do not pretend that there is a silver bullet or promote a solution out there that eliminates the need for some type of ongoing maintenance.  I do, however, feel I have isolated the best option for controlling debris build up, balanced with cost, balanced with ongoing maintenance.  This product is called LeafDefier XL.  I import it directly from the manufacturer and have installed it with great results in many private home and townhouse complexes.