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House Maintenance, Curb Appeal Improvements

This is the time of year, especially this year, when we start getting some nice Spring like days and most folks begin thinking of getting their homes looking tidy for the coming months.  During the wet months all homeowners will notice if anything needs tweaking once we have the good weather.  A perfect example is moss growing on roofs.  During our winters moss flourishes and is very noticeable due to the beautiful bright green color it turns.  This roof moss should be addressed.  Other maintenance may become more obvious as well, caulking around windows, eavestroughs not carrying water to the downspouts, weathered appearance on siding, harfi-board finish or exterior trim work not to mention preparation required to ensure a beautifuuly landscaped yard.  This is the time of year when the slippery, moss covered walkways or driveway can be power washed.

These are just some of the areas where Platypus can offer services.  We have well trained personnel ready to be scheduled to assist in keeping the curb appeal of your number one asset at a very high level.  The performance of housing components, such as rainwater management, is conditional on ongoing tweaking and good maintenance practices.  Also, I believe a home that is obviously well cared for will always be valued more than a neglected home.  This would seem obvious but one look around many neighborhoods suggest that not all home owners think this way.